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Tweaking the Pattern to Get a Better Layout

June 19, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

In this dining room, I hung the paper around the upper portion of wall first. Then I had two options for papering the column below.

One was to line the balls up with the pattern above, so they fell in a perfectly plumb line. This would have moved the centers of the balls a little to the right of the center of the post.

The other option was to make those dynamic circles really the focal point of the column, by giving them center stage. I placed them so their centers were smack in the middle of that central angle. This allowed the full ball to show, with none being cut off at either edge of the column.

It’s a little out of alignment with the pattern above. But this was a much better way to dramatize an already-bold pattern, and really draw the eye to it. Hey, if you’re going to use a wild pattern like this, punch it up every way you can!

This wallpaper is by Fabricut, an comes with matching fabric. I hung it in a dining room in Greatwood (Sugarland) (Houston).