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Keepin’ It Clean with Tape

July 15, 2014

Digital ImageHere’s a shot of my new basswood wallpaper table. I measure, trim, and paste wallpaper on it. But it’s important to keep it clean, and I don’t want paste getting on the table.

So I let the paper hang over the edge of the table just a hair, allowing me to roll paste all the way to the edges of the paper. Just in case something slips and a little paste does get on the table, having this strip of blue painter’s tape along the edge keeps the paste from soaking into the wood, and it is easy to wipe paste off the tape.

New Table & Legs

July 14, 2014

Digital ImageDigital ImageHere in the first photo is my new wallpaper table and trestle legs. The table is comprised of three 11″ wide boards made of basswood. The advantage of this wood is that you can cut with a razor blade right on it, and it “self-heals,” much like a sewing or craft mat. Paperhanger buddies of mine swear they have used the same boards for decades. So far, I like the new boards much better than the plastic strips I have been cutting on previously.

You also see my new folding wooden trestle legs, with a built-in hook for my magnesium straightedge. The straightedge is seen in the photo, on top of the wallpaper, and is used for trimming wallpaper, particularly the papers with a selvedge edge that has to be hand-trimmed off. These are usually the higher-end papers, but the technique is also used for grasscloth, and just about any paper that needs to be trimmed or cut lengthwise, such as when turning a corner.

The second photo shows the boards and the trestles all wrapped up in protective, padded fabric, and secured with Velcro straps, for transporting in my van.