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Tile Guys and Wallpaper

December 6, 2011

Oh, how tile work can wreck wallpaper. If you’re having a bathroom remodeled, best to have “heavy” jobs, like setting toilets, retiling, installing shower enclosures, etc. done before the delicate wallpaper goes up. That reduces the chances of workmen or materials damaging the new paper.

Common problems with tile work in an area where there is wallpaper are:

1. grout or morter getting on the wallpaper

2. workmen’s finger prints getting on the wallpaper

3. sharp edges of tile, or tools, scratching or otherwise damaging the wallpaper

4. wallpaper being torn when old tile is removed, because tile is attached to the wall, and when it’s pulled away, part of the Sheetrock often goes with it – and that means the wallpaper is going along, too.

I got a call from a gal last week who needs repairs done after tile guys “tore the wallpaper and then secretly tried to fix it.”

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