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Culprit: Technology Solution: Doggie Door and Widdle Kid

July 6, 2022
Client wasn’t home when I arrived, so gave me the code to the backdoor lock. Only thing is, the code didn’t work. Neither did the back-up code. Turns out the battery in the lock chose this day to die.
The homeowner had to dash to the house. Only she couldn’t get in, either. This kid of lock doesn’t take a physical key.
Never fear – youngest child to the rescue! “He loves to squeeze through the doggie door,” said the father.
Problem solved! I got in, and got right to work!

Tech Perk at Work

May 4, 2022
The battery on my phone doesn’t last very long, and my Sirius XM radio will drain it in an hour, so I have to keep it plugged into the charger. Today I didn’t need to use my adapter, because this newly renovated bungalow in the Houston Heights comes complete with built-in wall chargers!