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Flaw of the Day – Red Splashes, Blue Dots, and Banged Edges

June 13, 2018

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageThe red ink (how do you get red ink on a paper that has only tan on a white background??!) ruined an 8′ drop of wallpaper. In addition, I found a number of little blue dots (hard to see, in Photo #2) throughout the rolls, which rendered a good number of feet of paper unusable.

And, my never-ending rant – banged edges (also hard to see, in Photo #3). On some strips, I could trim off the damaged edges. But on others, I had to throw away a lot of paper, until I got edges that were unblemished. Why can’t they just put a little bubble wrap in the bottom of the box, before turning it over to the “careful” guys on those delivery trucks?!

Nicely Packaged Wallpaper – For a Change

January 2, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

There can be all kinds of flaws and defects with wallpaper, but mostly I complain about banged up edges, which happen during shipping. Most manufacturers put ship their merchandise in cardboard boxes with no padding. Some even send it in paper envelopes, with no cushioning whatsoever.

Today, I arrived at the job site and saw this. Wow!

Maybe someone in the Powers That Be got the message ? … These four double roll bolts came packaged in a custom-sized box, with just enough room for bubble wrap on top, on bottom, and on either end. That bubble wrap effectively did the job to cushion the ends of the wallpaper from dings during shipping.

Way to go, Schumacher! 🙂