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Gotta Love It When the Client Has a Home Elevator!

January 17, 2014

Digital ImageWow, did this make my day and trek easier! I was working on the third floor, and true to form, had a brand new bucket of paste (45lbs) to haul up there. Plus all my other tools and table and etc.

This home elevator, located right at the front door, sure made my life easier!

50 lb Buckets and Spiral Staircases

April 3, 2013

Digital ImageHere’s what I was looking at today, as I prepared to haul my 24″ long toolbox, 50 lb bucket of paste, and 7′ long pasting table up to the second floor.

Luckily, the home had a second set of stairs, and they were nice, normal, easy-to-navigate stairs.

Grasscloth – Black Hands!

September 14, 2012

I’m hanging a Thibaut grasscloth in a Heights dining room this week, a beautiful black / silver metalic / with a little brown in the mix.

But like many grasscloths these days, it is not color fast. Look at my hands, just from handling the dry paper. And it didn’t wash off completely, either – I went home with black hands!

Any moisture on the surface of the paper caused the black color to lift off, so I had to be extraordinarily careful not to have damp hands (we paper hangers are continually rinsing our hands and rags), or to touch the paper when I used my washrag to remove paste from the woodwork.

Note how the black ink rubbed off onto the back of the paper, and got into the paste. It’s really important to keep the bucket of paste clean, so I wasn’t too happy at all with the black gunk getting onto my brush – which then got dipped into the bucket of paste.

You can also see how the black dye got transfered onto the woodwork, where the paper overlapped the crown molding and the chair rail. Normally, the paste wipes off easily, but with this black color, I had to remove it very quickly, or it would dry and not want to come off. I followed by wiping with a dry paper towel, to keep the woodwork free of stain or residue.

Grasscloth doesn’t expand as much as other papers when it is pasted, and this particular one didn’t expand at all. This is good, because I could measure and cut my pieces to the exact width I needed, which eliminated excess paper at the woodwork, which would have left smeary black paste that would have had to be wiped off. It’s rare that I get to do that little trick, so I’m enjoying the different measuring and trimming technique with this job.

I NEED My Vehicle!!

June 7, 2012

I can usually manage to get vehicle repairs done on Mondays, my day “off.” (It is really bookkeeping / errand / sundry day.)

But after two trips to the mechanic to replace my radiator, they still had not gotten it right, so I had to take it back on a Tuesday.

The lady I was supposed to work for that day was so eager for me to come, she offered to come pick me up at home. Sounds great….but…

The only problem is, my van is like a traveling hardware store… all the tools I need to hang wallpaper are in that van! And how on Earth could I fit my ladder, tool box, 5-gallon bucket of paste, priming tools, etc. into her 4-door sedan? And soon as I got to work, don’t you know I’d need SOMEthing that was still back in my van?

She was very understanding of the out-of-commission van situation, and very sweet to offer to drive me. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t have worked, so we had to work out a schedule change.