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Bull-Nosed Corners and Arches

December 25, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageThese bull-nosed (rounded) corners and arches have been an architectural feature in new homes for several years now. Let me tell you – they are a pain in the behootus if you are trimming wallpaper around them. With a straight corner, you have something to brace your razor blade against, and can easily get a neat, accurate cut.

But these rounded babies, especially when compounded by the extra thick texture that is fashionable in certain new homes today, are very difficult to trim, because you can’t see or feel where to put your razor blade. Add to that walls that are out of plumb, and you’ve got a 30-second cut that’s gonna take you 4 minutes.

A Facebook paperhanger friend of mine invented a little gadget that helps immensely when cutting along these edges. As you can see, it works pretty darned well.

This wallpaper pattern is by Designer Wallpaper, by Seabrook, pattern # JV 80107. I hung this paper in a dining room of a young family in a new development in Katy, Texas.