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A Blast from the Past

July 23, 2017

Digital Image

I’ll bet that no one under 30 knows what this is.

It’s a phone jack for a land-line telephone.

As you might guess, it’s in a home that was built in the ’70’s.

These days, when I’m about to wallpaper a wall and I come across a jack for a land line, I ask the homeowner if she will be using it. Since so many people are eliminating land-lines in favor of cell phones, many people don’t want the jack or it’s wall plate messing up their new wallpaper.

In that case, it’s easy enough for me to undo the wires, remove the jack, and just let the wallpaper cover the small rectangular hole left in the wall. The wallpaper hides the hole nicely, and it’s usually not very noticeable.

That way, if the homeowners ever want to access the wires or reinstall the jack, they can easily cut the wallpaper and open up the box.

Cell Phones, Cameras, and Wallpaper, Pt II

June 8, 2011

Today I learned yet another use for cell phones equipped with cameras.

I visited a client today, and she had some wallpaper sample books at home. But she couldn’t bring home all the books she was interested in.

So she pulled out her cell phone and photographed the book covers and sample pages of patterns she was interested in.

Again, quick, easy, and easy to reference when she is at home and wants to look at the patterns and colors.