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Companion Papers

September 25, 2012

Companion papers are designed to compliment one another, and can be used in adjoining spaces, or even in the same room.  For instance, this homeowner put the solid (really a sort of faux finish) paper in her kitchen and breakfast room, and used the paper with the same background but with swirly figures on it in the powder room a few steps away.

Manufacturers display coordinating / companion papers next to one another in their selection books, to make it easy to see what patterns and colors will work well together.

The print is York #CG 5692

The solid is York #CG5726

They are both from the Georgetown Designs book, and are prepasted, easy to work with, perform well, inexpensive – and look great on the wall.

Wallpaper Sample Books & Sample Photos

July 26, 2012

Most wallpaper books show actual samples of their papers, full size. There are usually several colorways of each pattern.

In addition, there are often “companion papers” placed next to one another, showing papers that are designed to complement each other and might be used in combination – for instance, a paisley in the sink room of a bathroom and a coordinating stripe in the tub room.

What’s most important, though, is the photographs manufacturers put in their books, showing the paper in an actual room setting, so you can see the full pattern (which may not be visible in the small sample in the book), its scale, and how it might look in your own home.