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Torn Cork Wallpaper

December 17, 2013

Digital ImageThe backing used for cork and grasscloth might be a little more fragile than that used for many wallpapers. And once it gets pasted, it gets softer and flimsier, not to mention heavier. Plus, this was a 10.5′ drop, so when I unbooked (unfolded) the paper, even though I was trying hard to keep it from falling, the bottom end dropped a little bit with a jolt, and the sheet tore apart.

Cork wallpaper has a rough finish, and the tear was way up near the ceiling; I thought I could disguise the tear and salvage the strip. It worked great – I was able to push the pieces together, and the tear was not noticeable at all.

Here’s how it turned out:

Beautiful, Earthy Cork Wallpaper

October 24, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageHere is an accent wall in a breakfast room, done with a cork wallpaper finished in a matt grey-white with some vertical brown coloration, with light silver accents in the background. The result is warm and earthy, yet fresh and sophisticated.

I have hung other cork papers in a silver metallic color, or with silver and gold. Those colors have a little more sizzle. This homeowner considered those colorways, but decided that a more subdued color would suit her home better. I definitely agree – this came out absolutely stunning.

This is a Candice Olson design.

Second Round for Cork Wallpaper

November 17, 2011

Tuesday I installed a silver cork wallpaper by Thibaut. Well, yesterday in another home, I did the same exact paper, but with a gold medallion superimposed on the silver. (I have no idea why that page is in Russian!)

While Tuesday’s paper had a very modern look and feel, yesterday’s paper with the traditional gold pattern was completely different. It had a formal feel with a large touch of elegance, along with an aged, weathered feel. The setting was a large formal dining room, and the finished room was gorgeous.

The homeowners, a family with teenaged kids, loved it, and are eager to – finally, after years of working on the house – get their room back together. Just in time to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in their new dining room!

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