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Open House with Pamela Hope & Modani Modern Furniture

November 24, 2014

Last week I attended an open house at Modani, a national chain of modern furniture stores, with a location on Westheimer near the Galleria. An interior designer I work for, Pamela O’Brien, of Pamela Hope Designs, was one of the hosts.

Besides the wine and cheese 😉 , we browsed around the store, looking at home furnishings, and then the store owner and the interior designer gave a short talk – about furniture, colors, trends, etc., followed by Q & A. I think about home décor in terms of wallpaper, naturally. But it was fun to hear other points of reference, both interior design and furnishings.

ALL of the furniture, light fixtures, accessories, artwork, etc. at Modani are contemporary in style. Interestingly, EVERYTHING is either black, grey, white, brown, clear, or chrome. They have a (very) few accent pieces in other colors – really BRIGHT colors – and, let me tell you, when you have a neutral, monochromatic setting, and place one bright lime green vase on the coffee table, or an aqua bowl on the night stand, it REALLY pops.

Also interestingly, I looked at a job for a prospective client not too far from the Galleria a few days later, and her home was totally contemporary in theme, and every piece of furniture, every wall, was either black, grey, white, or brown. And, yes, she had been to the Modani store. 🙂

Of course, me, being a wallpaper hanger, I had to look beyond the furnishings to the backdrops – the store had some amazing walls that looked like stone, clouds, leather. (Check their website.) They look three-dimensional. But when you got up really close, you could see that these walls were wallpapered. Some were custom-made digital graphics. Others were regular wallpaper, and the store had the selection books sitting out in the room setting so you could leaf through them.

Plain, old, regular, not-exotic, not-expensive wallpaper, that anybody could purchase and use to really dramatize a room’s backdrop.