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A Wonderful Brand of Waxed Paper

August 18, 2015
Digital Image

Digital Image

There are a number of uses for waxed paper when hanging wallpaper, mostly cut into 2″ strips for keeping paste off the ceiling or adjacent walls of wallpaper, or other porous surfaces. I found this brand at the dollar store, used it once, and loved it immediately!

Unlike the brand in the familiar red and blue box, this one does not disintegrate when it gets wet with paste, so it has a longer working time, and is easy to remove once the strip of wallpaper has been trimmed.

The $1 No-Slip Fix

June 24, 2014

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageHere is a picture of my 6′ magnesium straightedge, used to trim wallpaper. A trimmer is no good if it slips, even a micro-nano of a millimeter. And metal coated with glossy paint is slick.

So I went to the dollar store and got some non-slip shelf liner, trimmed it to fit the base of the straightedge, and used my favorite all-purpose adhesive, clear silicone caulk, to attach it to the straightedge.

No slips = great straight cuts.