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Painters! Have Some Respect for the Homeowner’s Property

December 10, 2017

These homeowners’ home was damaged by flood waters in Hurricane Harvey. The wallpaper, drywall, and flooring in their Bunker Hill area townhome had to be ripped out and replaced.

After repairs, that means that everything in the room is new. Drywall, paint, sink, toilet, floor tiles, etc. It would be nice if people could KEEP everything looking new.

The homeowner asked me not to use the sink, because she already had to clean up messes left by the painters.

She might not have even seen these paint splatters on the floor. In the second photo, you see where the painters let their roller bang into the woodwork. These
dings” are small, but they are visible.

And they are sooo easy to prevent. All you need is a drop cloth. In addition, I like to tack an 18″ width of absorbant dropcloth fabric along the top of the baseboard, to prevent any spills or splatters from hitting the woodwork or the flooring.

It takes very little to protect a homeowner’s moldings, floor, and countertops.

Wonderful New Dropcloth

October 18, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

I used this new drop cloth for the first time this week, and already love it. It has an absorbent side for catching drips, and a water-resistant side to protect floors from spills, and is also slip-resistant. It is strong and won’t tear easily. It lies flat and doesn’t bunch up under the ladder. It folds up easily and is light weight and easy to carry.

This was about $14 at Home Depot. I cut the 9’x12′ sheet into three 3’x12′ runners, which are more practical for my use.

Puffy Drop Cloth – Tamed

August 16, 2015

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Digital Image

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I bought a drop cloth at a garage sale for 25c, and positively LOVED it. It was paper on one side (absorbent) and plastic on the other (leak proof), laid flat and didn’t tangle with the legs of my ladder, and was non-slip. But eventually it got grungy looking, and I had to trash it. Ever since, I have been searching for one.

Finally I found some at Home Depot (and Lowe’s, too). I was thrilled. The first time I used it, it was great, just like my original find. But when I tried to fold it up and store it in my van, it was impossible. The danged thing simply would not fold or flatten. It got puffier and puffier, and took up too much room in my van, plus it would not lie flat on the floor and it was dangerously tangly under my feet and my ladder’s feet.

Well, I figured out a way to tame the beast. I realized that I didn’t need an unwieldy 9′ x 12′ drop cloth. So I cut it into 3′ x 12′ strips. These are much more useable for protecting the floor along the walls where I am hanging wallpaper. In addition, the narrower material lies flat, reducing the chance of an accident due to tangling, and it folds relatively flat and fits nicely into my van.