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Powder Room Drama

August 13, 2014

Digital Image Digital Image Digital ImageDigital ImageHow does gold-on-black strike you for a little drama in a powder room?  I say – WOW!  This under-the-stairs powder room in EADO had been through three changes of paint colors, but still was uninspiring.  The homeowner is a gal with a vibrant personality, so something more dramatic was calling her.  She LOVED it!  A large, carved, gold mirror will be added, pumping up the volume even more.

There were some real challenges to this job, however.  With a regular geometric pattern like this, your eye wants to see the same element at the top of the wall all the way around the room, and ditto for the vertical butts next to the door molding.  In addition, the pattern should match perfectly (or as nearly as possible) in the corners.  But the walls in this room were wildly off-plumb, and the ceiling was not even trying to be level.  This meant that at the ceiling, the pattern would look like it was marching up or down hill, and in the corners there would be noticeable mismatches from floor to ceiling.

I advised the homeowner about this, and she understood the constraints of the room and gave her OK.  But I knew that those mismatches would look pretty obvious and pretty terrible.  So I thought about it a while and came up with a way to make everything look pretty darned good.

Even though it’s a constant geometric pattern, it’s small and busy, so I knew the eye wouldn’t notice if it went a little off-kilter at the ceiling.  Besides, since the room was under the stairs, much of the ceiling was sloped, and there is no way you can keep the “X’s” marching straight across a sloped ceiling. 

But where the eye would notice something off-kilter would be in the corners.  If the paper ran into an un-plumb corner, the pattern would become disfigured, with part of the motif larger at the top of the wall and then getting cut off narrower at the bottom of the wall.  If I hung a plump strip next to that, it would mis-match horribly.

So I thought, “Why not hang the next strip NOT plumb?”  That way, I could tilt the paper and align it so the pattern on the new strip matched the previous strip perfectly.  It would mean that the design would go crooked (downhill) along the ceiling line.  But as mentioned above, the ceiling line was not really important in this room.

This turned out to be the perfect solution.  There were no glaring mis-matches, and no one noticed that the “X’s” along the ceiling or door frames are not absolutely level or plumb. 

In fact, when the homeowner came in to look at the room, she mentioned more than once that “It looks like one continuous piece of paper.”  Meaning, you can’t see the seams, nor any mismatches in the corners.  Mission accomplished!  🙂

This wallpaper pattern is by York Wallcoverings, and was bought at a discounted price from Dorota Hartwig at Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet near Kirby.  (713) 520-6262 or  Discuss your project and make an appointment before heading over to see her.