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Weird Red & Blue Dots on Wallpaper Substrate

April 29, 2021
Red dot on back of wallpaper substrate.
Red dot shows through to front of wallpaper.
There were a few blue dots, too.
Being tucked among the foliage helps hide the dots.

This is the second time in recent weeks that I’ve had strange red and blue dots show up on the back of my strips of wallpaper. These are not flecks of wood fiber or string that can be picked out of the material.

They are either inherent to the material the substrate is made of. Or they could have come from substances splashing onto the wallpaper during manufacturing.

What’s upsetting is that they are capable of – and have – bled through to show up on the surface of the wallpaper.

Another fear is that ink bleeds and stains … do a Search here on my blog for more posts. In today’s case, I worry that these tiny dots will bleed and leech over time, and grow to larger stains on the surface of the paper.

This wallpaper is by Katie Kime. Their website says that they use “eco-friendly” inks. I hope this is true. Because water-based inks have less chance of bleeding through than do oil- or solvent-based substances.

II hung two test strips today. We’ll see tomorrow if any of these small dots have enlarged.

Runny Ink

March 29, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Look under the dark leaf. See the smears of green ink running downward?

The manufacturer possibly is using an “eco-friendly” water- or vegetable-based ink, and it is not stable when it gets wet. Since this is a pre-pasted wallpaper and is designed to be run through a water tray to activate the paste, it is impossible to not get it really wet. While positioning the paper on the wall and wiping off paste residue, even lightly wiping the surface with a damp rag would cause the ink to run. (Wiping in the opposite direction would push the ink back to where it was supposed to be.)

There are alternate ways to paste this type of paper, but since I had started with the manufacturer’s recommended method, I pretty much had to continue, since switching to another method might alter various aspects of the paper’s performance.

So I adjusted my usual techniques, and avoided wiping the paper with a damp rag, and instead used dry paper towels – lots of them.

Flaw of the Day – More Smeary Ink

September 6, 2013

Digital ImageJust last week, I had this same problem with ink getting wet and smearing on the surface of the wallpaper. It’s the same manufacturer and book …. York Wallcoverings’ Sure Strip line.

These papers are printed on a non-woven stock, which makes them (supposedly) easier to remove, because the whole strip is (supposed) to pull off the wall in one piece, instead of little bits.

It’s also eco-friendly, having no VOC’s and using water-based inks.

Eco-friendly is well and good, but I think that York ought to put some more research and development into its ink. As long as the ink was wet, I was able to wipe it off the surface of the paper. But, still, a pain.

Eco-Friendly Wallpaper

November 30, 2012


Consumers these days want eco-friendly goods, and manufacturers are rushing to make their products recycleable, or to use recycled materials, or to use materials that won’t hurt the enviornment.

Here is an example of a wallpaper brand (Designer Wallpapers) that boasts of using water-based inks, recycleable paper, and an acrylic coating (as opposed to the vinyl coatings used just a few years ago).

This went in an under-the-stairs powder room in an older home in West University Place, Houston.  The blotchiness is due to the paper still being wet; it will disappear as the paper dries.