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Erasing the Memory of a Stiff Non Woven Paper

December 26, 2014

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“Non-woven” papers are all the rage these days, as manufacturers rush to provide DIY homeowners with goods that will strip off the wall easily, and that are environmentally-friendly. Many non-wovens, however, present a unique cacophony of challenges. One of these is that they can be grossly stiff and cantankerous, which makes getting them to conform to the wall pretty much of a battle. This particular product is a paste-the-wall (instead of paste-the-paper), which comes with its own idiosyncratic game plan.

Here, after I have trimmed my strips to size and am preparing to hang them, I have rolled them backwards, which will prevent the face of the paper from bopping into the pasted wall, and which will help erase its memory (wanting to stay curled up as it was on the bolt).

This stuff is so stiff, and wants so badly to curl back up into a tight roll, that my usual tools won’t hold it. I am lucky that my clients have this stairway, with convenient balusters, in between which I can stick the rolled strips of paper, to hold them and hopefully erase their memory, until I am ready to hang them.

Total Wallcovering and Environmentally-Friendly Wallpaper

October 30, 2012

I noticed on the site for Total Wallcovering, that they make a note when a particular paper is “environmentally-friendly.” This is a concern to many people today, so I’m glad to see retailers and manufacturers making customers aware.

Total Wallcovering is an on-line resource for many types of wallpapers.