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Serena & Lily’s “Fallbrook Cut Leaf” Wallpaper in West Houston Powder Room

September 8, 2020

Sego palm fronds is what this pattern reminds me of. Serena & Lily call it “Fallbrook” or “Cut Leaf,” depending on where you’re looking. No mind – it’s a fresh, crisp look with a lot of movement and fun.

I hung this in the powder room near the rear entrance and breakfast area of the home of a young family in the Energy Corridor area of west Houston.

Usually Serena & Lily prints on paper, and I am a great fan of that product. But this is the first time I’ve encountered a non-woven material from that company. I can’t say that I loved this stuff. It was quite stiff, and very translucent.

Lots of manufacturers are starting to print on non-woven. There are many benefits of that material – but it has to be a good non-woven. If S&L is moving in this direction, I hope they will do some research and networking and come up with a better substrate to print on.

Textured Grey Paper Modernizes a Hall Bath

December 13, 2014

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image
Here is a textured contemporary pattern in grey, that I hung in a hall bathroom in a ’60’s home in Tower Oaks (Eldrige Parkway & Fallbrook), a suburb of Houston near Highway 290 and Highway 6.

The homeowners had remodeled the bathroom, but had run into all sorts of snafus, and the project had run on for the better part of a year. When it came time for wallpaper, the contractor said he would have his guy hang it, but he never showed. So the wife called me. She left the cutest message … She is a native Houstonian, lived in Meyerland, and so, of course, knows all about me. How flattering is that?! The idea that I’ve been around so long, that anyone with any history in this city knows about me! I admit, I have not erased that phone message! 🙂

Anyway, the room was in pretty good shape, but some of the workers’ Sheetrock work needed sanding, plus there was some flaking paint. I could have hung over it as it was, but I thought it would look better if the walls were perfectly smooth, and I wanted to get rid of the flaky paint, to reduce the chance of the wall de-laminating and the wallpaper coming off. So I scraped off the flaky stuff, then skim-floated all the walls, needing just a very thin coat, which was nice because it dried faster than floating over a typical textured wall. Sanded, primed, and then got the paper up.

The rest of the house is pretty traditional, but this room has gone modern. The cabinets are dark, and straight-lined, with square silver knobs, and the floor is dark tile with grain-like lines running through it – very contemporary.

The wallpaper is by Rauch, a German company.

I have worked all over the greater Houston metropolitan area, but had never been to this subdivision before. I love seeing and exploring new places, especially neighborhoods. This subdivision has HUGE trees (hence the name), and the lots, likewise, are HUGE, with the smallest being 1/2 acre, and the largest maybe 2 acres. I saw one or two new, large homes, but the vast majority are typical ranch-style homes from the 1960’s, and moderately priced, too. … Well, there is a reason for that. They are not on the Houston grid, so do not have city services like water or trash pick-up, to name a few. Still, it’s like living in the country, but within a half hour of downtown. (IF they ever get done with construction on Hwy 290 😉 )