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Bedroom Accent Wall

November 11, 2012

Accent walls behind the headboard in a bedroom are a big trend right now. It’s a great way to get a lot of WOW for a little money. By doing only one wall, the paper becomes an accent and a focus, but does not overwhelm the room, as this large pattern most surely would if it were on all four walls. And you’re only paying for material and labor for one wall, which is much less than if the whole room were done.

I hung this one recently. I’ve been hanging a lot of Kenneth James patterns lately, and this is one. From Brewster. Pattern # FD58468.

This is some of their “easy to hang, easy to remove” non-woven “green” stuff. It performed OK on this one flat wall, but, since it’s quite stiff, it would be difficult to use in a bathroom or kitchen, where it would have to be cut around details like sinks, toilets and molding, or asked to fold around corners and fur-downs.

Then again, when it’s time to change it, since it’s on a very rugged substrate, simply loosen one corner, pull, and the whole strip will come off in one piece.  There should be no scraps left on the wall, and no damage done to the wall’s surface.  Can’t beat that.