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Flaw of the Day – a Splice!

September 12, 2012

About 3′ from the begining of this double roll of paper came this surprise – a splice! What happens is, the manufacturer runs out of paper before rolling on the full yardage of paper. So, to ensure the customer gets a full double roll, the manufacturer splices on some more paper. They try to do this as un-noticeably as possible.

But, as you can see, with this very thick paper on a non-woven stock (more of the industry’s attempts at making “green” merchandise), the pieced in section is VERY noticeable, and would make a definately visible 20 1/2″ wide bump under the paper.

In addition, even though the manufacturer includes extra yardage to make up for the messed up piece, it doesn’t mean you get the full amount you would have if the piece hadn’t been spliced in. Particularly when there is a long repeat, such as with this paper.

What I mean is, for this job, I needed ten 9′ strips. From each double roll, I usually get three such strips. But if the first 3 feet are unuseable due to this patch, then I have to unroll a lot more paper to get my first 9′ strip. Then I cut off more to match the pattern in preperation for the second 9′ strip. Once that is cut off, there is a mighty good chance that there will not be enough remaining on the roll for my third 9′ strip.

So you can easily see that simply throwing a few extra feet of wallpaper doesn’t really make up for the manufacturer’s failure to print enough paper in the first place.

Incidentally, this was the same paper that had to be returned a month or so ago, causing a long delay for the homeowners before the new paper came, because of a printing flaw that mismatched the pattern. Additionally, the homeowner was unhappy with the fact that the extraordinarily thick, spongy paper resulted in somewhat visible seams – not to mention the few places where edges were bashed during shipping…such edges don’t always lie down flat.

Note: Once I removed my 100 watt work light bulb and replaced the lower-wattage light fixture, and turned the fixture so it pointed down instead of up (where it illuminated the most offensive seam), the overall effect was much more pleasing.

Here is the pattern: Kenneth James for Paper Pro, #FD58477

It was purchased through Dorota at Southwestern Paint (713 520-6262, who also helped with the batch that had to be returned.