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Nice View Out the Window Today

October 5, 2014

Digital ImageAhhh – a couple of serene (but hard working) days in the country this week, on a wallpaper job in Fresno (south of Missouri City). This is the view to the east.

If I had been working here last week, out of the west windows, I would have seen an alligator. He had been hanging around for about a week, in the creek behind the house, just beyond the fence. The path he took in and out of the water was worn to bare dirt. No swimming or fishing or even watering the horses in the creek. The homeowner had a man come out and shoot the ‘gator – It has not been seen it since.

Tedious Installation

August 1, 2014

Digital Image

Digital Image
Digital Image
Digital ImageYou see pretty wallpaper around three windows. I see six sides to wrap, three headers to wrap, three under-windows, and a whole lot of splices.

This bank of three windows took me more than five hours to hang.

The job continued to the left, and included another (somewhat simpler) window, a number of strips in a short-on-headroom space over the cabinets, and also over a deep cabinet that had me tip-toeing on the top not-a-step of my ladder and lying on my belly on the top of the cabinets.

This one long wall in a kitchen in Fresno south of Houston took about 8 hours. But all the hard part is behind me, and tomorrow, the remaining walls will go much faster.

This wallpaper pattern is by Norwall, and was bought at a discounted price from Dorota Hartwig at Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet near Kirby. (713) 520-6262 or Discuss your project and make an appointment before heading over to see her.

I Love My Clients, Pt. II

July 30, 2014

Digital Image

Digital ImageDigital Image

Digital Image
Here is view of where I am working this week; the last shot is a deer with a full rack. I am replacing ’80’s wallpaper in a kitchen and powder room in Fresno, about 40 miles southeast of Houston.

Yes, it’s a bit of a drive. But what an experience, to be working out in the country, with huge windows looking out onto these views, and a lovely woman who is excited about getting her home updated.