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It’s Time for This Floral Chintz to GO!

February 6, 2013

Digital Image This wallpaper is original to this mid-1990’s home. My, oh my, I sure was hanging a lot of these floral chintz patterns in those days.  In the process of being stripped off, the photo gives a good shot of what these designs were like.

This is in a large master bathroom, and will be replaced with a tone-on-tone geometric trellis, a much calmer and fresher look.

The 10 Hour, 7 Window Wall

January 25, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital Image You can never count on walls and windows and doors being plumb or level, and even slight variances of as little as 1/4″ can be noticeable when working with a pattern like this. Keeping a geometric trellis pattern straight along the ceiling and the floor is hard enough, but toss in seven – yes, SEVEN – untrimmed windows with returns that need to be wrapped, none of which are the same width at the top as at the bottom, and it can make for a devilishly long day.

I hung the rest of this kitchen yesterday, and spent an entire 10 hours today on just this one Wall of Windows.

My patience and perservence were worth it – in most places, the pattern straight on the wall, and where it didn’t, it was not noticeable. At the end of those 10 hours, the room looked great, and the clients loved it.

Incidentally, this is the third time I’ve hung this wallpaper in less than a year. The other two times it was a black-on-off white colorway.  People are really loving the geometrics coming out these days.

Soft Geometric Updates a Kitchen

January 12, 2013

Digital Image I admit, at first I didn’t think this modern geometric trellis pattern would work in this traditional kitchen. But now that it’s finished, I admit – I think it looks GREAT…and so do the homeowners. (The wife is something of a self-taught interior designer.)

I have hung this same pattern twice in the last year, in black-on-off white. That colorway works well for an accent wall, or for a space where you want a real punch. But in this open-concept kitchen, with it’s traditional medium toned wooden cabinets and bronze hardware, a strong, contemporary look would have been overwhelming.

This tan-on-green colorway is much softer, blends well with the wooden cabinets, and updates the room without being overly trendy. The homeowners lived with their previous wallpaper for 12 years – I think this will last another 12 years without becoming dated.