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Cool Race Car Wall Decals in a Boy’s Room

April 16, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

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If your little man is big into something, how about decorating his room with his passion?

These decals come in assorted sizes and colors, and can be mixed and matched and positioned any way you like.

These are a peel-and-stick product, and came from the on-line company Stephen Edward Graphics

Flavor Paper – Unique Designs, Hand Made Papers

May 25, 2011

Recently I got an e-mail from someone who has purchased wallpaper from Flavor Paper, a “boutique” manufacturer in New York City (with a location coming soon in New Orleans).

Their patterns are pretty unique, to say the least! Many are very fuzzy or blurry, giving an interesting effect, some are mural-like, others are graphics, and others are, well, just plain weird – in a good way!

Take a look…

From their site:
“Two re-engineered versions of Ted’s original table are the centerpiece of the Lab and the backbone of our wallpaper printing operation. To support our hand screened printing process, the Flavor Lab houses a darkroom, screen etching equipment, and an ink room where we custom mix all of our colors. Printing becomes street art as the front windows allow pedestrians to watch the process happen in the massive overhead mirrors. The Flavor Paper showroom is located on the second floor and offers clients a unique way to view wallpaper and experience the bespoke offerings that make Flavor Paper the only place to purchase fine wallpaper in the city of New York.”

Murals Gone Mad!

March 29, 2011

Gee, I sure am putting up a lot of murals lately.

No wonder – take a look at what’s available today…Much more than the old “fake tropical beach scene” of a few years back.

Check out what this company has to offer:

They’ll even make any mural any size, to fit your specific room.

Disney characters, dinosaurs, graphics, realistic vistas, and much MUCH more, including your own photographs!