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Grasscloth on the Back of Bookshelves – an Interior Designer’s Take

July 17, 2012

I looked at a job today for Houston interior designer Pamela O’Brien. This will be the second job I’ll do for her this month, putting grasscloth on the back of bookshelves. I already blogged about the popularity of this trend.

Those of us “regular” folks can see the beauty of the color and texture with this sort of installation. But I thought it would be interesting to know what goes on in a trained interior designer’s mind. Here are some things Pamela said about the look:

“I think people are just tired of plain white behind the shelves. A little color and texture really make the items on the shelves pop out. Grasscloth is elegant, but still subtle. And since it’s a tiny space in a larger room, you can really go bold, bringing attention to the decorative articles on the shelves, but not overwhelming the room.”

Pamela does some fabulous design work, BTW, while keeping the rooms comfortable and functional. She’s into feng shui, too, and even co-hosted a home improvement show on the radio.