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“There Are No Paperhangers in Katy”

July 23, 2013

A client called me today and said she lives in Katy and was having a Devil of a time finding someone to hang wallpaper for her.

She said she couldn’t find a local paperhanger, and then she had contacted a number of painters, and even interior designers, and everyone told her that they either didn’t install wallpaper, or were taking it down – not putting it up.

Well, all those painters and decorators must be behind the times, because wallpaper is very much in style – it’s all over HGTV and in all the “shelter” magazines.

Hey, Katy residents! I am here, I hang wallpaper, and I work in Katy! If you’re looking to pump up the decorating volume in your home with a little pattern and color, please call or e-mail me!

Sometimes a Paperhanger Does More than Hang Wallpaper

July 3, 2013

Digital ImageThis powder room had a chair rail running around the middle of the room. The homeowner wanted the new wallpaper to run straight from ceiling to floor, without the chair rail.

Instead of hiring a handyman and paying the extra money (not to mention the likelihood that he would not patch and repair the damage to the wall), I told her I could remove the chair rail. So I pulled out a few tools I don’t usually use, namely a hammer and pry bar, which I keep in the van “just in case.”

The chair rail came off easily, but underneath was some torn Sheetrock, nail holes, and strips of caulk. I removed what I could, floated over the rest, sanded smooth, primed, and – VoilĂ ! You would never know there had been anything around the middle of the room.

I NEED My Vehicle!!

June 7, 2012

I can usually manage to get vehicle repairs done on Mondays, my day “off.” (It is really bookkeeping / errand / sundry day.)

But after two trips to the mechanic to replace my radiator, they still had not gotten it right, so I had to take it back on a Tuesday.

The lady I was supposed to work for that day was so eager for me to come, she offered to come pick me up at home. Sounds great….but…

The only problem is, my van is like a traveling hardware store… all the tools I need to hang wallpaper are in that van! And how on Earth could I fit my ladder, tool box, 5-gallon bucket of paste, priming tools, etc. into her 4-door sedan? And soon as I got to work, don’t you know I’d need SOMEthing that was still back in my van?

She was very understanding of the out-of-commission van situation, and very sweet to offer to drive me. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t have worked, so we had to work out a schedule change.