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Different Strokes for Different – Brushes

June 15, 2014

Digital ImageThese are smoothing brushes, used to press wallpaper against the wall, and to chase out bubbles or wrinkles. I usually use the one with the shorter bristles.

But sometimes you need something that is softer and more suited for delicate papers. For hanging my authentic 1930’s wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasurers (do a Search – upper right hand corner), since the paper was so fragile, and since I was using a thinner wheat paste, a gentler touch was called for. So I used the longer bristled brush on the left.

I also have one with even shorter bristles, in a stiffer material, which I use rarely, mostly for heavy vinyl material.

My Favorite “Find” at the Convention

September 17, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageOK, I’m back from the convention, and it’s time to start blogging again. There is a LOT to tell about the NGPP convention, but I HAVE to start with this:

At the Vendor’s Showcase Friday evening, there was a guy there, Bo Sullivan, introducing his company, which sells actual, authentic wallpaper from the 1800’s to the 1930’s. As I have mentioned previously, I am totally into the ’30’s & ’40’s, and love the patterns and colors from that era. I even purchased 1930’s wallpaper for my entry from Hannah’s Treasures (Rosie’s Vintage Wallpaper is another source). (Don’t ask when I’ll ever get around to putting it up!)

But the 1800’s papers shown by Mr. Sullivan of Bolling & Company were positively STUNNING. The colors are so intense and rich, the ink texture is almost velvety, and the combinations of color, the designs, are pure magic. I can’t believe they survived all this time, perfect and radiant.

I was thrilled and flattered when Bo told me to take some samples home. Just take a look – so brilliant, so perfect, so gorgeous.

There is very little stock of these 100+ year old papers, as you can imagine. Bo says there is rarely enough left to paper even a small powder room or entry. So he suggests that people use them as art, framing a piece and hanging it on the wall, for instance. There are other innovative ways to use small bits of very pretty wallpaper.

Here is the link, and please DO take a look! I hope I can send some business their way!

Hannah’s Treasures Is Following My Blog!

August 27, 2013

OMG, I just got a notice that “Hannah” is following my blog. Who is this? I clicked and learned … It’s Hannah of Hannah’s Treasurers! This is a FABULOUS company that hunts down and sells authentic wallpaper from “the old days” … the ’30’s through the ’70’s.

I’m totally into vintage, and, in fact, have some of Hannah’s paper here at home, ready to install … whenever I get some spare time. Read here:

It’s very exciting that she has found me, and is following my posts. I tried to see if she’s blogging, too, but came up with no blog – but lots of photos of beautiful authentically old wallpaper!