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Scary Client

December 14, 2021

nNear the finish of new builds or remodels, homeowners are given a roll of blue tape (formerly ” red dots “). They use these to mark areas that the contractor needs to come back and fix.

well, when I see a whole lot of these ‘ red dots ‘ – especially on spots where I can’t see anything wrong (and I’m pretty picky) – it scares me, because it makes me think the homeowner is fretting over miniscule things that are virtually invisible, or logistically impossible to avoid, or realistically just come with the territory.

Tropical Foliage Re-Do – Peel & Stick Debacle UnDone

November 26, 2021
Re my previous post about an under-the-stairs powder room that the homeowners attempted to install an argumentative peel & stick material … here is the finished room after I stripped off the P&S, smoothed the walls, and hung the new wallpaper choice. I engineered to place the sole philodendron leaf down the center of the ceiling.
Where the under-the-stairs ceiling met the area over the door, the two surfaces came together in a very sharp angle. It was difficult to get in there and work, and to get the paper tight into the joint. Fingers can be too fat, so this is where tools can squeeze in there and save the day. This is also my kill point . Do a search here on that term for more info. A long story and maybe an hour or more of work, but you will note that there are no pattern mis-matches here. The homeowners were out of town, so I felt unpressured and could take as long as I needed to make these three areas look seamless.
I love the hand-painted, water colory look of this pattern.
This photo shows the joint where the walls meet the sloped under-the-stairs ceiling. A wallpaper pattern will never match perfectly in these situations. At first, I tried a few tricks to ” fool the eye .” But I decided it looked crisper and less distracting to just trim the two papers where they met. Here, we had the advantage that the tropical foliage pattern was busy enough that, I mean, really, when you step three feet back, who’s gonna notice a minor pattern mis-match, anyway? The pattern does match in the corners on either side behind the toilet, though (see photo). Even though this only 4.5″ high, it does lend subtle continuity to the room.
When I see Candice Olson, I fast forward to glitz and glam and glitter and shimmer. Here her tropical foliage design is a bit more main stream. York is the mother company, and I love their products.

This home is in the Heights neighborhood of central Houston.

“Fortress” Pattern by Thibaut

September 19, 2015

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

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Digital Image

Lots of homeowners choose stylish textures or geometric patterns, which are very hot right now. Not these homeowners. These ladies wanted something more traditional, that would coordinate with the bathroom’s floor and shower tile, as well as compliment the colors in the adjoining master bedroom, and still be a timeless pattern that would look good for years to come.

They chose this “Fortress” design by Thibaut. The room had previously been painted a butter yellow. Pretty and bright, but nothing special. Once the wallpaper started going up, it was clear that it was a stellar option.

The traditional pattern won’t go out of style. In fact, I believe this to be a hundreds-years old design, partly because, instead of the standard 20 1/2″ width, is 18 1/8″ wide. I am told that these narrower widths are because the papers are printed on the actual, authentic printing presses that were used in the ‘1800’s.

Anyway, back to the pattern choice … besides the timeless quality of the design, the rust and burnished gold and forest green colors meshed perfectly with the bathroom’s floor tile, shower and tub tile, and vanity, plus with the colors in the adjoining master bedroom. The paper is good quality, and shouldn’t peel or curl or stain.

All around, a perfect choice!

Note the photo where you see small, rhythmic gashes cut into the wallpaper. These defects ran down either side, and sometimes diagonally, of two double roll bolts of wallpaper. These cuts were not obvious from the front, though, so I was able to go ahead and hang these strips with no one knowing the secret. 🙂

This wallpaper pattern is by Thibaut Designs, and was bought at a discounted price from Dorota Hartwig at Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet near Kirby. (713) 520-6262 or Discuss your project and make an appointment before heading over to see her.