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Flaw of the Day – Mis-Cut, Mis-Printed Pattern

July 21, 2012

Working with this Brewster pattern today, I got the powder room all smoothed and primed, dragged in my work table and 50lb bucket of paste (2nd floor), plotted my pattern, then began to roll out the paper. Part of the plotting is checking the pattern match, to see what element I want to put at the top of the wall.

Dang! The pattern had been miscut, with too much of the pattern on the left edge of the paper. This meant that, at the spot where the pattern matched to the adjacent strip, part of the pattern repeated itself. If this had been a busy, swirly pattern, you may not have noticed this.

But, with such a sharp, distinct, humongous medallion as the sole element in the design, the defect was very noticeable.

I didn’t like it, and called the homeowners in for a final decision. They didn’t like, either. So back to the store it goes.

Hopefully the company will send a new run that is printed / cut perfectly. As the homeowners pointed out, if they had printed the design so it ran down the center of the strip, and did not have to be matched to the next strip, this would not be an issue.

I also want to make the point that these people bought paper from the Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet near Kirby, and have the sales gal there, Dorota, to contact the vendor and help them with this problem. When purchases are made via the Internet, customers are often left hanging, with no one who “knows the ropes” – or cares – to take care of the issue.