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Black Backing on Strongly Colored Paper

June 29, 2012

Most wallpapers stretch a bit when they get wet with paste, and when drying, often there is a tiny bit (sometimes much more!) of shrinkage. This means you can end up with a teeny bit of your white wall showing inbetween the seams.

I hung this Thibaut pattern yesterday, and I was pleased to see that the manufacturer had gone the extra distance to try to prevent this shrinking. A couple of things helped: printing the paper on a thicker stock (backing), and using a dark grey stock – the idea being, if it does shrink, you won’t see the white edges of the paper, but grey instead, which is less noticeable.

Keeping It Whole

June 27, 2012

When you hang wallpaper, inevitably when you get to a corner, when cutting the paper to turn the corner (you never wrap paper around an inside corner – or “mostly” never), that means the pattern’s design is also going to be cut in half.

Not a big deal – the second half simply gets placed on the next wall, lined up with the first half.

But yesterday, installing this pattern by Thibaut , EVERY SINGLE corner I came to, the flower pattern stopped BEFORE the corner.

This was great! It meant no cut design, no pattern distorted by overlapping 1/8″, and gave me a bit more flexibility in placing the pattern on the wall (to keep all the flowers equally distanced from the ceiling).

Even the last corner, which is virtually always a mis-match, came out with no cut designs!