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Another Reason to Buy (and Keep) Extra Wallpaper – Repair Water Leak

March 14, 2018

Having extra wallpaper is a good thing. Keep it wrapped up with its label, and stored in a climate-controlled closet. You never know when you will need to pull it out to make repairs.

This home was damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Repairs were made, and I hung beautiful new wallpaper in the powder room just a month or two ago. Well, the poor homeowners suffered another water issue – a leaky pipe. Yes, this would be one of the new pipes in their new powder room.

Fixing the leak required cutting a two holes out of the drywall. The plumber did a decent job of patching the holes. The next step is covering that drywall with some wallpaper.

It’s such a good thing that the homeowners have scraps left from the install.

Seams Pulling Up, Due to Unstable Wall Underneath

May 21, 2014

Digital Image

Digital ImageHere you see a seam that is not lying flat. As the paper dried, it pulled taught, and, because the surface below was unstable, the wallpaper pulled some of the paint away from the Sheetrock. In addition, there were 1″ x 3″ bubbles underneath, not the wallpaper bubbling, but the paint underneath expanding and releasing from the Sheetrock.

All of the other walls in this two-room bathroom were fine. As it turned out, when there was wallpaper on this wall previously, there was a seam that did this exact same thing. During renovation earlier this year, it was discovered that a pipe inside the wall had a leak. That, or possibly a leak in the roof, most likely have much to do with the wallpaper problem.

What’s hard to understand, though, is why this happened again, after the leaky pipe has been fixed. It leads one to think that the problem is in the Sheetrock. But, once Sheetrock is dry, it’s dry, right? So it’s hard to understand why the paint would delaminate from the wall.

This is an unfortunate mess, and the homeowner now is left with trying to figure out what the problem is, and what the solution is. I am hoping they re-Sheetrock the wall, either with 1/4″ drywall over the existing wall, or, probably better (but more mess and more expense) ripping out the old Sheetrock, checking the insides of the wall for continuing leaks, and then replacing the Sheetrock with brand new.