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Hand Trimming Lindsay Cowels Wallpaper

February 16, 2022
Like many high-end designer wallpapers, this one comes with an unprinted selvedge edge that has to be trimmed off by hand before the paper can be hung. Usually the manufacturer prints trim guide marks to aid you. But these guys didn’t, so I am having to use my eye to match the pattern and also carefully measuring. Here I’m using my new straight edge and a razor blade to trim off the selvedge along with 1/8″ of the printed area.
I’m excited to be using this straightedge, as it’s brand new to me. AND it appears to actually be true ( straight ). I own three – THREE – other straightedges, and not a one of them is truly straight. So far, Big Blue is delivering on his promise.
I think that high handle has a lot to do with keeping the thing straight. It’s awkward and a pain to work around it, but if it means that I will get straight cuts, I’ll happily work with it.
In addition, the aluminum material is lightweight, and there is a non-slip pad on the underside.
Purchase one, along with a lot of other cool wallpaper tools, here

The Julles Has New Shoes

November 24, 2015

Digital Image

Digital Image

I hate to admit it, but I was shopping in Wal-Mart yesterday. Saw these shoes, tried them on, and loved them. After wearing them at work today, I love them even more.

They are very light weight, easy to put on and take off, fit perfectly, and the backs don’t smash down when you slide your foot in. Oh, and only $9.98. I bought a pair in black and in white.