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Dramatic Damask in a ’70’s- Influenced Powder Room

November 19, 2016


I didn’t hang this wallpaper. But I did consult (via Internet) with the homeowners on various topics prior to the installation in this powder room.

They took my suggestions to not put that busy paper on the ceiling, and painted the ceiling gloss black instead. The door was likewise painted gloss black, and had a cool sentiment stenciled on it. They also took my suggestion to center the damask pattern on the sink / mirror, rather than on the wall facing you as you walk into the room. You can see in the 2nd photo how nice this looks.

The chandelier is a genuine 1970’s Lucite gem.

I spend way more time at night than I should, perhaps, replying to e-mails and answering questions from people who live in other cities and who are not going to hire me to do their wallpaper. But I enjoy helping people, and it really makes me feel good that these homeowners took the time to get back to me, months later, and let me know how the job turned out, and to include the photographs.