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Metal Mars Wallpaper

February 18, 2015

Digital Image

Digital Image
The little grey mark here, near the point of my razor blade, was made by a metal tool – straightedge, probably – brushing against the wallpaper. With some papers, this can happen, and you have to handle the material very delicately. I’m not sure exactly which tool did this, but I’m a little surprised, because I am careful, and because I invested in a pricy magnesium straightedge, because that metal is supposed to not scratch wallpaper.

Luckily, virtually all marks like this will wipe off with light pressure from a damp rag.

Safely Transporting Expensive Tools

July 1, 2014

Digital Image

Digital ImageMy 6′ magnesium straightedge cost $100. The basswood boards cost nearly $400, and the trestle legs were another $150. I want them to last a long time, without being banged up.

In the first photo, you see a length of 3″ PVC pipe suspended from the ceiling of my van. The inside of the pipe is exactly the right dimension to hold and protect my straightedge, along with my 6′ metal yardstick and 4′ level.

In the second shot, you see how I’ve wrapped my 7′ boards in a soft blanket, and the trestle legs in a folded sheet, both secured with Velcro straps.

All these can now be transported in my Chevy Astro mini-van, knowing they will be safe from gouges or dings or dents or bends.

The $1 No-Slip Fix

June 24, 2014

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageHere is a picture of my 6′ magnesium straightedge, used to trim wallpaper. A trimmer is no good if it slips, even a micro-nano of a millimeter. And metal coated with glossy paint is slick.

So I went to the dollar store and got some non-slip shelf liner, trimmed it to fit the base of the straightedge, and used my favorite all-purpose adhesive, clear silicone caulk, to attach it to the straightedge.

No slips = great straight cuts.