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Wonky Walls = Mis-Matched Corners

April 29, 2018

When wallpaper turns an inside corner, you split the strip vertically and place the first half of the strip so that just a teeny tad wraps around the corner, and then you overlap the remaining strip into the corner, using a level to plumb this strip. This keeps all your subsequent strips nice and plumb, and running straight at the ceiling and floor lines (assuming that these lines are truly level).

But when walls and corners aren’t plumb, wallpaper patterns will get distorted. The rule of thumb is to match the pattern at eye level, and then let it fall as it will above and below that point.

This pattern is busy enough that the mis-match is not all that noticeable.


Give Me An Extra Bolt of Wallpaper, And I’ll Give You Perfect Corners

October 17, 2017

Digital Image

Digital Image

When hanging wallpaper, when you get to a corner, you’re supposed to cut the paper vertically in the corners.  You leave a little bit, like 1/8″ of the paper, wrapped around the corner.  Your next strip is overlapped onto this wee 1/8″ strip.

The bad thing is, by overlapping the two strips, you will have lost some of the pattern – like the 1/8″ mentioned above, running from floor to ceiling.  That is infuriating, but it’s also distracting to the eye, because you will be left with a rather obvious pattern mis-match.

However – I can often make the corners look much better.  If you buy a little extra wallpaper (at least 2 single rolls, which will come packaged as one double-roll bolt), there will be enough to cut the next piece from a whole new strip, and then that strip can be trimmed to match the pattern on the wall as closely to perfect as possible.  See photo.

Note: This does not mean that every corner is going to be absolutely “perfect.” Unplumb walls, bowed walls, paper expansion, to name a few factors, will all come in to play there. The goal is to get them as close to perfect as possible, and if not, then to at least look perfect.




Usually Silly, but Useful Today

January 18, 2013

Usually Silly, But Useful TodaySome wallpapers come with these eraseable marks that indicate where the pattern match is. Usually, we paper-hangers get a kick out of these, because, gee, I mean, really – we can pretty well figure out how to match a wallpaper pattern.

But with this faux finish design, I found that I welcomed the manufacturer’s marks. They made it MUCH easier to find the pattern match, and sped up the job considerably.

This is by Chesapeake Easy-Walls #PN58593