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Wild & Crazy & Fun Tiger Wallpaper

April 28, 2021
Before. The textured walls have been skim-floated and sanded smooth, and then primed.
Welcome to the Jungle!
Notice the watercolor-y look of this design. It reminds me of impromptu sketches by artists who work in “plein aire.”
“Frida” by Pepper Home

The homeowner was browsing Pepper Home’s website and was instantly smitten by this rather uncommon theme and design. It’s called “Frida.” It sure is fun!

This paper is sold by the yard, was custom-printed, and came in one continuous bolt (54 yards!). It had a selvedge edge that had to be trimmed off by hand (see future posts). The inks are clay-coated, which imparts a rich matt finish, and the substrate is way better than what many other companies are printing on.

I positively loved working with it. The trim marks were spot-on, minimizing a pattern mis-match at the seams. Once pasted and booked, the material became very supple and flexible, and it could be “worked” much better than standard brands. Even better – the seams virtually melted away (became invisible).

I ran silicone caulk along where the wallpaper meets the top of the sink. This will prevent splashed water from pooling on the sink and then wicking itself up into the new wallpaper – which could cause the new wallpaper to curl and peel away from the the wall.

The home is in the Memorial area of Houston.

Finally – A Grasscloth I Can Love

April 11, 2015

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

If you’ve read much on this blog, you know that I dislike hanging grasscloth. The visible seams, color variations, and paneling and shading, and un-uniformity are hard to live with, in my opinion. People say they understand these natural color variations and will accept them – but once it’s spread out on the wall, they are unhappy. I’ve taken to having clients sign a release / waiver, before I will install grasscloth.

But … today I hung a grasscloth that I thought looked mighty good. This is not the typical horizontal reed-on-paper look, but a tightly woven product. When I first unrolled it, I was alarmed by the vertical striped effect, and called the homeowner to come and look at it. She gave her approval, so I went ahead and put it on the wall. She was right – the stripes only enhance the overall effect.

There was no color variation, and the seams were invisible. In addition, the paper has the texture and warmth that many of my clients are seeking. And – it appears to be pretty resistant to stains and discoloration. A win-win-win!

I am going to keep track of this paper, and recommend it to people who ask about grasscloth.

The pattern number is SG37053, and the homeowner said it was by Astex – although I could not find it on their website.

I hung this wallpaper in the entry and on the backs of two bookshelves that flank the fireplace in the family room, for a couple in the far west end of the Memorial area.

Transforming a City Home Into a British Pub

April 9, 2015

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

This Memorial-area couple had a vision, and, boy, did they make it happen. This is the dining room of a ’60’s ranch-style home. But they wanted to use it as a pool room / man cave / pub. Friends kept telling them to make it sleek and contemporary, as is in vogue right now. But the homeowners followed their hearts, and created this very unique and authentic room.

That is real brick applied to the far wall. There is a dark, rustic wooden floor, and dark brown crown molding that resembles old wooden beams. The same dark paint covers a chair rail. Below the chair rail is a thick texture that resembles the stucco on homes in 1500’s Sherwood Forest.

Next came the wallpaper – a classic toile of a hunt scene, in a reddish brown on cream, which perfectly compliments both the paint color and the brick wall. I totally love the way this room is coming together – all they need to do is add the pool table, maybe some tarnished brash light fixtures, haul in some comfy leather chairs, and then light the cigars!

This wallpaper is printed on a pulp stock, and is by the British company Sanderson, from the Toile Collection (“Toile” means a line drawing in one color on a plain background, usually depicting blissful scenes from rural life in Jolly Ole England.), pattern # 47-63268 “Fox Hunting.”

How the Grasscloth Job Turned Out

November 22, 2013

Digital ImageHere’s one more picture of that finely-textured grasscloth wallpaper, in a dining room in the Memorial area of Houston.

The dot in the center is an electrical box, where a wall sconce light fixture will be installed later.

Lost in Translation

October 22, 2013

Digital ImageThis shimmery wallpaper went on the top 2/3 of a dining room in the Memorial area of Houston, and then again in the entry. The two rooms face one another, and using the same paper in both is a common treatment.

The wife thought it looks like space aliens; the husband says they look like tribal masks. In the dining room, I put the aliens at the top of the wall; in the entry, I repositioned it so the tribal mask was at the top.

This wallpaper is by Graham & Brown.