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Mexican Loteria Bingo on the Wall!

June 1, 2012

I hung about 42 sheets of this last week in a powder room:

Day 1 I floated the walls, and while the mud was drying I trimmed the sheets to have even borders. Sanded and primed with KILZ. Day 2 was all installation – about 9 hours!

I used Roman’s 838, thinned quite a bit. The paper was a little thicker than tissue wrapping paper, and got soggy really quickly. Luckily the 18″ x 26″ sheets were easy to carry to the wall w/o booking. I overlapped the edges. It was impossible to trim the wet paper with either razor or scissors, so I had to carefully measure and pre-trim every sheet, or leave the edge unpasted and dry so I could make a cut, and then paste it and press into place.

The pattern made it easy to overlap, so going inside the return of the untrimmed window was happily easy(ish).

The walls were VERY out of plumb. I hung the paper out of plumb, too, so it would line up with the door molding and corners of the room. This meant it was crooked at the top and bottom of the walls, so I cut the emblems in the top and bottom rows in half horizontally and lined the short strip up straight at the top and bottom of the walls, and then overlapped the long sheets onto them. This meant the top and bottom rows of the design were taller or shorter than the others, but it was not all that noticeable.

It turned out great. The homeowners loved it.