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Nice View Out the Window Today

October 5, 2014

Digital ImageAhhh – a couple of serene (but hard working) days in the country this week, on a wallpaper job in Fresno (south of Missouri City). This is the view to the east.

If I had been working here last week, out of the west windows, I would have seen an alligator. He had been hanging around for about a week, in the creek behind the house, just beyond the fence. The path he took in and out of the water was worn to bare dirt. No swimming or fishing or even watering the horses in the creek. The homeowner had a man come out and shoot the ‘gator – It has not been seen it since.

Classic Design in Blue

June 6, 2014

Digital Image

Digital ImageWallpaper designs don’t get more classic nor elegant than this. I put it in a two-room bathroom in a home in Missouri City (near Sugarland). I have hung this before in white, a couple of times, but this was my first time to hang the blue.

Previously, the room had been painted a soft green. Pretty, but lacking personality. This wallpaper really enlivened the room. The pattern is by Thibaut Designs.

I Got Out My Paper-Stretcher ;)

May 17, 2014

Digital Image

Digital ImageWhen wallpapering a room, the last corner is usually going to be a mis-match. Usually it’s put behind a door, or somewhere where the drop (length) is short, so you don’t see much of it.

In this powder room in Missouri City, the last corner was a full-length drop, and very visible. Even though this toile pattern is pretty busy and the mis-match would have been a little obscured, I wanted all four corners to have the proper pattern. So I did something different.

Instead of putting the mis-matched spot in the corner, I opted to put it over the door (top photo). The mis-match would only be about a foot tall, as opposed to eight feet. And, really, how many people look up over the door when they’re in a bathroom, anyway? still, a mis-match smack in the middle of a space is much more obvious than one in a corner. But I figured that with the busy toile, I could disguise it well enough.

I was really lucky this time, because, coming around the room from the right, the pattern almost matched up with the pattern on the left. But there was still a gap of about 2″.

What I did was … see how there are two stripes, a light one and a dark one, that are slightly wider than the others? I carefully spliced pieces together, widening two stripes ever so slightly, to help fill that gap. Because of this, the pattern also repeated itself – Look very closely and you’ll see how the castle in the middle of the photo has double elements, and how the goat has two butts.

I used a pencil to doctor the lines on the castle, so it would look less repetitive. The goat’s hiney I left alone. I mean, who’s looking a that?

Now look to the right, and you’ll see that a portion of the fence in the design at the upper right repeats itself. What I did was, I split the strip of wallpaper between a light and a dark stripe, then took another, identical, strip, and from the same design, cut out a chunk with a light and a dark stripe. On the wall, I pasted this thin strip in between the original split strip.

In the finished header (the strip over the door), you can barely notice the repeated design elements, nor the slightly wider stripes. This looks much better than the alternative – a full-length mis-match in a very visible corner of the room.

Nothing special going on in the bottom picture; it’s just showing the pretty pattern. This wallpaper is by WallQuest