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Why I don’t Eat While I’m Working

September 22, 2012

Many people wonder – and worry – when they see that I don’t eat lunch or even a snack during the work day. Well, there are good reasons for that.

5. It’s distracting. When I’m “in my groove,” I like to keep focused on what I’m doing. Taking breaks and messing around with food breaks my concentration.

4. It takes too much time. Coming to a stopping point, cleaning up, driving somewhere, or even unpacking a paper sack lunch, eating, then resetting up my work area – sound like two hours lost out of the work day, if you ask me. I’d rather skip the meal and keep on working, to be sure I’m finished with the job on time.

3. You’re never gonna catch me eating a greasy salty empty-calorie laden hamburger / fries / shake.

2. I eat a good breakfast and dinner, and honestly am not hungry during the day.

1. But the Number One reason I don’t eat during the day, and don’t even allow soft drinks near the work area, is because food can be dangerous to wallpaper. Fat is in everything…chips, burgers, chicken salad, cheese, nuts, candy. The tiniest bit of food that drops onto the paper, or if grease gets onto my hands and I touch the paper, this will leave a spot. Over time, and not even that much time, either… we’re talking minutes sometimes… that spot will bleed through to the surface of the paper, and it will grow larger and larger. See the photo at right. If I could have done this with a less mottled pattern, you could have seen how the grease marks come through and stain the front.

I once had a customer who was feeding his dogs while I was working. My table was set up right there, so he put the bowls of smelly canned dog food down on the first handy horizontal surface – my work table! I about freaked out, between being polite and telling the guy to get the ooey gooey greasy food off the table where I was trying to paste his (expensive) wallpaper.

Sugar is bad, too, as it can cause stains. So can food coloring, such as in M&M’s, smoothies, etc.

So you see, when I pass on lunch, it’s not that I’m trying to stay skinny. It’s because I’m working hard to keep your paper fresh and clean!