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Brightening a Breakfast Area

March 25, 2022
Breakfast nook before. The blue is a pretty color. But …
… the wallpaper is so much brighter and lighter.
The homeowners will have the banquette painted (still deciding on what color) and a cushion made for the seat (still deciding on color and pattern).
The rest of the home has a strong mid-century modern feel, so this mod pattern and colorway fit right in.
The gold is slightly metallic.
The brand is Designer Wallpapers. It’s a traditional wallpaper material, and I like this brand a lot.
The home is in the far north east Heights area of Houston.

A Kaleidoscope of Mid-Century Modern, Frank Lloyd Wright – Wild

July 7, 2018

What a fun pattern from Bradbury & Bradbury, in their newish line of “Atomic Age,” Mid Century Modern, in the theme of architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright!

The young couple that bought this mint-condition, Mid-Century home in the Medical Center / Reliant Stadium neighborhood of Houston is way crazy about the modern look, and wanted an accent wall in the kitchen breakfast nook to both play up that theme, as well as bring color into the room.

There are four bright orange molded plastic “mod” chairs that will ring around that round table.

The pattern is called Kaleidoscope. The wallpaper is custom made, but is not outrageously expensive. It comes with a selvedge edge that has to be trimmed off by hand. (Do a search here for pics and more info on this process.) The paper is normally hung vertically, but the homeowners liked the design better run horizontally (called railroading in wallpaper terms).

It took a lot of trimming, plotting, planning, and engineering, plus plenty of time with the laser level (see second photo), to get the pattern matched correctly and then laid out on the wall so everything lined up perfectly. I also took steps to keep as much paste off the woodwork and shutters as possible. Yeah, it wipes off relatively easily. But always best to keep it off in the first place.

A Historical Tour of Previous Wallpapers

March 28, 2012

I did a bid in a house in Bunker Hill Village that was built in 1958. The original owners still lived in the house.

When I arrived, the homeowner had left over rolls of the papers that had been used to decorate the home over the years. First she told about how the original paint all over the entire house was green, green, green. I know that green exactly – it’s called River Oaks Green, according to one article I read, and was quite the rage back in the ’50’s. People painted it on walls, woodwork, cabinets – everything! A murky, muddy, dull, medium green, to me it’s pretty. But very dark and depressing, I would think, to have on every surface.

While the wood work in woman’s entry were RO green, the walls had been papered in a plain pattern of blue and green (RO Green!) speckles on a white background, with flecks of metalic gold. I loved seeing this paper, as it reminded me of the rolls and rolls of paper we had stashed in the basement of our family store in St. Louis, South Side Wallpaper and Paint Company, where I started working when I was 12.

Anyway, back to wallpaper – The homeowner said that she loved her original choices for 20 years or more, but eventually wanted a change. Now it was the ’70’s, and MOD was in full swing. The paper she chose for the living room was MOD – REALLY MOD. It was a dark navy background, with BRIGHT flowers all over it, about the size of a baseball, in red, yellow, blue, orange, white, and green. Really a wild pattern. She said she loved it, and lived with it for many years.

Then, come the ’90’s, she had the paper removed, and had the living room painted a quite neutral color. Now, in 2012, she is redecorating again, but will only freshen up this time, repainting with the same colors.

I really loved this reminisce, and was especially happy to see the rolls of original papers.

The painting contractor, by the way, is CertaPro The homeowners were so pleased with them several years ago, that they are using the same company for this latest re-do.





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’70’s Mod on Public Television

February 17, 2011

Tonight I saw glimpses of a TV show on PBS, “Electric Design,” a reality show where a British family went to live in a ’70’s era home, and had to live as people did back in those days… No cell phones, no computers, no microwaves.

Of course, they dressed in clothing from that era.

But even more cool was to look in the background and see the wallcoverings that were in style at that time. Big bold patterns, wild graphics, optical illusions.

What’s even more cool is that, as my contact who sells wallpaper at the Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet said, you can get these exact same wallpapers today, from contemporary manufacturers.

This “mod” style is very much in vogue with younger homeowners, and especially with residents of lofts and homes with open interiors.