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Odd Things I Did 30 Years Ago

February 8, 2022
I hung this wallpaper back in 1996, and was back this week to update it with new ‘ grown-up ‘ wallpaper. You are looking at the mounting bracket for the towel bar. For some reason, I didn’t remove the bracket like I usually do today, nor did I cut around it. Instead, I cut the paper so that the towel bar would be able to grip onto the bracket, but left some of the paper intact.
The cover plate is off the light switch. Here I cut the paper very tightly to the electrical switch. I didn’t cut out for the screw holes, but, when the cover plate was replaced, I let the screw drive itself right through the wallpaper.

Metal Mars Surfaces – Prevention

January 6, 2018

In the top photo, I am using an allen wrench to remove the tiny set screw that is holding a toilet paper holder to its mounting bracket. Turning the screw causes the wrench to rub against the wall, and the metal is leaving a dark mark on the wallpaper primer. You wouldn’t want this to happen once the new wallpaper is up!

To prevent this, you could put a piece of scrap paper in between the wrench and the new paper. Or you can make tiny, 1/4 turns, so that the large end of the wrench does not come in contact with the wall.

Or, better, use a smaller wrench with a narrower profile. These are usually included in the box when you buy fixtures like this. As you can see in the second photo, there is plenty of clearance, and no damage to the new wallpaper.

Getting a Snug Fit Behind Light Fixtures

March 8, 2015

Digital Image
I always take the light fixture down, so the wallpaper can go behind it, leaving a seamless look, and no chance of any wallpaper peeling up.

But, with certain types of fixtures, I will usually take it one step further, and remove the mounting bracket, too. This way, I can be sure the wallpaper goes well behind the bracket and the fixture, and no wall or gaps will show.

This is important, because some light fixtures (like this one) fit really tightly around the mounting bracket, and you want to see wallpaper around the fixture, not wall or gaps.