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Ahoy Matey! Fun Mural in Home Office

October 2, 2020

You’d think this mural went on the wall of a child’s room. But, no – it’s a focal wall in a home office. All the more fun because, due to COVID, the homeowners are working from home and spending a lot of time in here.

The product is by Murals Wallpaper. In the second photo, you see their instruction sheet. In the third photo, I have cut apart and rolled out all the panels on the floor, to check the pattern match to be sure of their proper placement, and to get accurate measurements.

It’s important that murals are ordered 4″ wider and taller than the wall’s exact dimensions, to accommodate for wonky walls and ceilings, and for trimming at the ceiling and baseboard and at the sides.

The next photo shows I have rolled the strips backwards and lined them up in the order they will be hung. This is a non-woven material, and I am installing via the paste-the-wall method. Rolling the strips backward ensures that the surface of the panel will not hit against the pasted wall.

This went up very nicely, and Murals Wallpaper is a good company to purchase murals. The murals can be custom-sized to your wall. (Remember to add those 4″!)

The other three walls are painted a complimentary medium-hued blue. This wall lightens the room – and adds some whimsey, too!

The home is in the Heights neighborhood of Houston.

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Murals for the Masses

April 12, 2019

Here’s a great article about murals made more affordable for the average homeowner.

Wallpaper in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine – Again!

January 28, 2017
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Better Homes & Gardens magazine has frequently included wallpaper as a backdrop in its decorating stories. The January 2017 issue has a story with wallpaper in just about every photo. 🙂 Makes me happy that wallpaper is getting such great exposure.

Featured are a variety of patterns, from bold to subdued, from focal point to background pattern, plus grasscloth and murals, too. (I am doing a lot of murals lately – must be a trend.)

Check with a professional before you buy – Some of the brands are higher-end, some are average price, some are custom made to fit your wall, some are of, uh … curious quality, and the peel-and-stick stuff I wish they would take off the market.

Plotting a Mural Before Hitting the Wall

September 1, 2016
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Most murals come in strips or panels, which can be either vertical (as shown here) or horizontal. Before hitting the back with paste and attempting to put the paper on the wall, it’s a really good idea to unroll all the panels an spread the mural out on the floor.

This will allow you to organize the panels into the sequence in which you want them to be hung. You will also need to check the dimensions of the mural as compared to those of the wall, and decide which, if any, of the design will have to be cut off and discarded. You’ll also be checking to see how (well) the pattern matches across the seams.

Got a Girl Who Loves PINK?!!

October 13, 2014

Pink Bedroom
I don’t have info on this paper, but it looks like one of the very expensive hand-painted murals on silk that cost several thousand dollars per panel. Just beautiful! (Although I might choose a more tone-down color!)

Note the zig-zag wallpaper in the entry and under the fer down.

Paris Map Wall Mural – 7’x5′ One-Piece Mural

September 11, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageThis mural was little tricky to hang, for several reasons. First of all, the homeowner wanted it to “float” in the middle of the wall, not abut any wall or ceiling. Second, while most murals come in panels or strips of standard size, this one came in one huge piece.

The wall was textured, so what you see in the 2nd photo is where I have carefully measured the size of the mural (not the paper it’s printed on, as the white border had to be trimmed off), plotted where it would hang in the center of the wall, and then skim floated just that area, to smooth the wall. Most wallpapers stretch when they get wet with paste, so I allowed for that, and left about a half inch around the outer edges unsmoothed, to ensure there would be no white showing beyond the mural’s edges.

I’m not very tall, so I was a little worried about managing the 7′ wide piece, but it ended up being fairly easy. There was some twisting and stretching, which would have been less if the mural had been in traditional sized strips or panels.

The homeowner is toying with the idea of having an artist paint a frame around the mural. This is the bedroom of a teen aged girl – who loves Paris! Besides the tufted headboard, there is a pair of mirrored bedside chests that will flank the bed. Pretty classy for a high school kid!

Murals Go Up in Panels

June 29, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageMost classic photo wall murals come in eight panels, rather than rolls or strips. They go on the wall four across the top, with another row of four below them.

Although they are numbered on the back, I like to lay them out on the floor, to be sure I have the right sequence.

Here you can see the first three panels in place on the wall. I started with Panel 3, at the top center of the wall, butted against a plumb line. Panel 4 went directly below it, also butted against the plumb line. These murals are meant to be overlapped a little at the seams, rather than butted, as most wallpapers are.  And don’t worry about the blotchy background – it will disappear as the mural dries.

Panels 5 and 6 were hung next, to the right of the first two panels. Then Panels 7 and 8 were hung next to them, and finally I moved to the left and installed Panels 1 and 2. See why it’s a good idea to lay them out on the floor first?!

The second photo shows the finished mural.

Wallpaper on Extreme Home Makeover – My Buddies Put It Up!!

November 28, 2012
Some of my friends (Bill Armstrong, to be specfic, from Knoxville, TN) from the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers (NGPP) installed the wallpaper and murals you see in the background of many rooms in this news clip.

Murals Gone Mad!

March 29, 2011

Gee, I sure am putting up a lot of murals lately.

No wonder – take a look at what’s available today…Much more than the old “fake tropical beach scene” of a few years back.

Check out what this company has to offer:

They’ll even make any mural any size, to fit your specific room.

Disney characters, dinosaurs, graphics, realistic vistas, and much MUCH more, including your own photographs!