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Oval Geometric Stripe in a Powder Room

September 23, 2015
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This oval and knotted geometric design in indigo on white is clean and crisp, and it has both a modern and a nautical feel.

I hung this in a large powder room with 12′ high ceilings in a new home in the Oak Forest neighborhood of Houston. Those 12′ high walls tended to get off-plumb / bowed in the center (where the sheets of drywall were joined), and, with a rigid, specific design like this, there were some real challenges in getting the pattern to match in the corners. Two of those corners took me a half an hour each – but I got ‘er done, and you can’t detect any pattern mis-match.

The wallpaper is printed on a non-woven substrate, and is designed to strip off the wall easily and in one piece, when it’s time to redecorate.

This geometric stripe is by A Street Prints, by Brewster (the manufacturer), and was bought from Wallpapers to Go, which is now named Luxury Wall D├ęcor, and is in Stafford, a southwestern suburb of Houston.

Common Sheetrock Crack Over a Door

November 19, 2013

Digital ImageHouses in Houston shift on their foundations, and when they do, diagonal cracks like this over doors and windows are pretty common.

What I forgot to do was take a picture after I had “taped and floated” the crack, to bridge it and even out the surface.

The new wallpaper is stretchy vinyl, on a non-woven substrate backing, which should expand and contract a little. That’s good, because it means the wallpaper shouldn’t tear if the crack in the wall should open up again.