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Old Light Fixture and Thermostat

April 20, 2023
I’m all about old things , particularly from the ’20’s, ’30’s, and ’40’s . I don’t know if this hanging light fixture is original to this 1936 bungalow in the Eastwood neighborhood of Houston , but it sure fits in. I think it’s gorgeous!
Here’s something I’ve never seen before … an oldie thermostat . Note the well-known brand name Honeywell. I don’t know if it operated heat or cooling , or if it’s as old as the home or was added later . But I sure think it’s super cool. So do the homeowners , who are making sure that it stays right there on the wall !
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Artsy Display for Old “Junk”

November 16, 2022
My clients live in a 1930’s home in the Woodland Heights neighborhood of Houston. They’ve done an exceptionally nice renovation / restoration of the home , taking care to retain much of the old-style character, along with many of the original features.
Instead of chucking vintage door and window hardware into the trash, they’ve placed these hinges and latches – even old nails – into attractive glass apothecary and mason jars.
Now these old-house treasures have become works of art!