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Trading in a Slew of Stubbies

March 23, 2021

No wonder I can’t fit a screwdriver into my toolbox – these too-small-to-hold-on-to nubs and stubs are taking up all the space. No more!

A trip to the dollar store yielded me these two long-lived and easy-to-hold #2 pencils – plus 10 more for back-up.

Note: We contractors always write on the wall and on our materials with pencil or chalk. Ink, marker, grease pencil, or other such materials will bleed through and stain wallpaper and paint and most other substances.

Addendum: Old habits are hard to break … I might hold on to the two on the right.

Translucent Paper – Special Handling

December 15, 2019

If you look carefully, you can see shadows of this wallpaper pattern under the top layer.

This tells me that there is the chance that any markings on the wall, or on the back of the paper, might show through the finished project.

So when I wrote measurements on the wall, and made notes on the back of the paper, I made sure to write very lightly, so the marks would not “telegraph” through.

Another trick I use is to write such notes next to the light switch, where I know the switch plate will cover it and hide it.

Note: Always use PENCIL. Never INK or MARKER or GREASE PENCIL, because they could bleed through the wallpaper and show on the surface.

Love Letters Left Under the Paper

March 21, 2019

I showed up to hang wallpaper in this powder room in a newly constructed home and found the walls just as I had asked them to be – smooth and with just the barest, thin coat of primer over the new drywall.

I was getting ready to apply my wallpaper primer… and saw walls covered with the likes of this.

I guess the homeowner had thrown a housewarming / engagement party, and his friends had wished him well by writing their sentiments where they would remain forever – under the wallpaper.

Everything was written fairly lightly, and in pencil, so I was happy. (Dark writing could show through a thin wallpaper. And ink or marker will bleed through wallpaper and eventually appear on the surface.)

This is not the first time I’ve seen this, and, really, its a sweet idea – to have loving and encouraging thoughts from special people in your home forever.

Don’t Write in Ink on the Wallpaper – or the Wall!!

August 25, 2017

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

The contactor added wall light sconces on either side of the sink, and he also hung the heavy mirror.  For some reason, he roughed in where these objects were to be placed by marking the walls with a Sharpie ink marker, or something similar.

Folks – NEVER write on the wall with ink.  Nor with crayon, ballpoint pen, or the like.  The substances will eventually work their way through the wallpaper (as well as paint, wall texture, or a myriad of other surfaces), and will end up looking like ghost shadows.

Pencil is OK, and so is a light snap from a chalk line.  These materials won’t bleed through the new top layer of wallpaper.

Pencil Stickers in Children’s Playroom – CUTE!

January 10, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

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Digital Image

This ultra-cute peel-and-stick mural was made to order, to fit the exact dimensions of the wall. The interior designer even had the pencils on the bottom right go up a little higher than the others, so they would show above the white kiddie table that sits against that part of the wall.

It has been years since I did a peel-and-stick job, and today reminded me of why I prefer regular wallpaper. Unlike regular wallpaper, it is very difficult to smooth out wrinkles. It is somewhat repositionable at first, but once it sits against the wall for a few minutes, it is very difficult to pull it up without stretching or peeling paint off the wall.

The homeowner was concerned that her little ones might get their fingers under the stickers and peel them up, but no chance of that happening – that stuff is up for good! In fact, when they do get around to removing the stickers, they should be prepared to repair some damage to the wall.

I was not happy with the way the install was going, because of wrinkles in the material and because it didn’t want to hang straight. So I ended up cutting the pencils apart, so that instead of trying to unpeel and apply and smooth with one 15′ long strip, I cut it into more manageable pieces of two or three pencils each. The ones along the ceiling were easier to work with, probably because they were shorter. I also used a special smoother, which is made of plastic and wrapped with felt, to protect the surface of the material.

The finished room is really cute. I love the way the pencils coordinate with the dots in the playroom rug!

This home is in the Woodlands. I had also hung paper for them in their previous home, also in the Woodlands. That is a mighty nice community for families with young children.