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Classic Medallion Pattern in an Entry

March 6, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageHere’s about as classic a pattern as you can get, and very elegant, too.

The homeowners are from India, and I was kinda hoping they would choose something ethnic and exotic looking. But I have to admit, this went much better with the style of their home, and with the paper in the adjacent dining room.

The wallpaper is by Printer’s Guild Productions, #CS40309

Abrading Ink

December 6, 2012

Digital Image Here’s something that doesn’t happen often – ink abrading from the surface of a wallpaper.  There is a tiny white horizontal mark on the right “swoop,” a little less than half way down.    Here are some things that may have caused this…

First of all, in manufacturers’ rush to be ‘green,’ they are using water-based inks, that may not be as durable as traditional inks.

Second, when paper is pasted, it becomes wet, and that moisture can effect the durability of the inks and other components of the paper.

Third, once the paper is pasted, it is ‘booked,’ which means folded loosley pasted-side-to-pasted-side so it can soak up the paste, expand, and be carried easily and neatly to the wall, where it’s unbooked (unfolded) and put into place. Care must be taken not to crease the paper during this process, because the crease can show once the paper is dried, and because of the possibility of the ink flaking off the surface at the damaged spot.

One of these is probably what happened here. Either way, I am happy that I carry paints in various colors, and a quick touch-up with water color disguised the minor areas.

The pattern is Printer’s Guild Productions #HC 1200

Incidentally, I heard from  paperhanger buddy of mine in NYC, and he said he’s experienced the same thing.

Moveable Walls in a Photography Studio

December 4, 2012

Digital ImageDigital Image These are two walls-on-wheels, built like huge boxes, so they can be moved about the studio space. The sides and backs of both walls are plain white.

Photobooth on Montrose is a photography studio, but in the evenings, owner Simon Gentry offers his space for art installations – after I hung this wallpaper Saturday afternoon, I went back that night to see a dance and orchestra performance. The newly-papered walls were unveiled at that event!

The black and white lattice pattern is by Printer’s Guild Productions, #HC 1200

The red and gold damask pattern is by Society Hill Printers, #DM 41001