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Galleria / Tanglewood Hall Bathroom Updated and Brightened

July 15, 2022
What a beautiful, fresh, floaty view as you come up the stairs of this townhome.
Here’s what was there before. Early ’90’s , solid vinyl that was both outdated and beginning to succumb to humidity ( curl at the seams ).
The previous installers (most likely a DIY homeowner couple) had hung the vinyl over existing wallpaper. I stripped off the vinyl, but, for various reasons, I was unable to remove the bottom, original wallpaper. Here is the room after I patched areas, skim-floated over seams, and primed with 123 by Zinsser.
Same view, cloaked in beautiful shimmery , pearlized floral wallpaper .
Over the shower view.
The homeowner was worried about using a modern wallpaper with her ’70’s tile . Replacing the tile was out of the budget . But the interior designer assured her that since the paper had a bit of yellow in it, that it would work nicely with the tile. Boy, was he right! The colors go together perfectly.
Toilet alcove view. The whole re-do was started by a water leak that caused the plumbers to cut a hole in the wall to the right of the toilet.
I don’t usually recommend covering switchplates and outlet covers , because they get soiled quickly. But the homeowner really liked the look of them covered, and she lives alone so promised to keep fingers off the plates . 🙂
This wallpaper is in the Canidice Olson line by York , one of my favorite companies, and was a delight to work with. It is thin and breathable, and will hold up much better in a humid bathroom than the previous vinyl option.
The paper was purchased from Calico on West Alabama in central Houston .
The client was assisted by Ron Dillon , who is an interior designer as well as has sold wallpaper for more than 20 years. He was an immense help to my client, who was dealing with many stressors and uncertainties during this bathroom re-do.

Overselling the Customer

January 18, 2011

I got a call from a prospective client who had another company install wallpaper in her infant’s room only a month ago.

This company also sells wallpaper. The gal said the store must have had some paper they were trying to get rid of, and the salesman did a hard sell, to convince her that a particular selection would have a nice soft look for her baby’s room. Instead, it was very bright and garish.

It’s only a month old, and she wants to re do the room. What a shame, because this is a lot of unnecessary expense and distruption to the homeowner. It’s also disappointing, because new mothers want things to be so special for their babies.

The caller sounded pleased when I said that I would do the work myself, instead of having a crew of guys clammering around her house. I don’t know if she was unsatisfied in some way with the previous installation company, but I do hope she will hire me to redo the room.