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Purple Finger

August 25, 2022
I have no idea what’s going on here, but it happens from time to time. I had been rolling on wallpaper primer in two rooms for a few hours . I’m suspecting I held a tool in a certain way for a long time , or somehow blocked circulation to a part of this finger . It doesn’t hurt , but it is a little swollen.
The color got darker and lighter during the rest of the day. I did some shopping on the way home, and the store was cold , and that seemed to exacerbate the issue – finger got cold and numb and really purple . Back at home in my nice warm home office , it’s still discolored , but not as much.

Looks like I’ll get my chance after all

June 1, 2010

Related to my previous post…. After the husband came home that night, he looked into the two bathrooms and declared that they looked small and boring, and that they really SHOULD go ahead and re wallpaper the rooms!