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Wallpaper as Art

October 25, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageThese homeowners in the Houston Heights have been wanting to add art to their home, but after buying a few prints and oil paintings, they wanted something different and more dramatic. They came upon these designs by Carl Robinson for Seabrook Wallpaper (a really, really cool book – please see my previous post, or do a Search on the web), and chose this colorful, wall-filling, mind-impacting powerhouse.

The second photo shows the wall before, then two shots of in-progress, then the final outcome. The photos or murals don’t always fill the entire wall, so the manufacturer offers companion papers that will fill the rest of the space on your wall … in this case, it’s the grey striated paper in photos #4 & #5. You can see how it runs along the left side of the wall, and in the last photo, it runs along the bottom.

The last photo shows the finished wall, unfortunately, in fading light. It was stunning, and when the husband came home, he kept walking into the room, and spent a long time standing in front of the color-splashed wall.

Most men hardly even notice new decorating in their homes, so here is proof that this dramatic wall treatment really packs a punch!