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Horizontal Stripes Define Bedroom Nook

July 31, 2012

Here’s an interesting wallpaper treatment I did with stripes in a bedroom in the Lake Olympia (Sugarland) area.

Wide stripes were hung horizontally, on adjoining walls, for just a few feet. The intent was to define a corner of the room as a reading nook. I think it turned out great.

The interior designer is Shazia Kirmani Amin, of Shazia International. I talked to Shazia recently and she said this room will soon be featured in a magazineI

Incidentally, this was a paste-the-wall product, one of the new (and not necessarily good) innovations in “green” wallcoverings.

Hanging a paper horizontally takes careful attention to plumb, and careful measuring and cutting, to ensure that those outside edges are absolutely straight and vertical.

Pasting the wall is tricky in this job, too, because there was not a corner where the paper ended … I had to carefully estmate how far the paper would reach and therefor how far to spread paste on the wall. I kept the last 3/4″ or so unpasted, to avoid the chance of getting paste on the painted wall, and pasted last 3/4″ edge of the paper once it was all in place.

I anticipated that smoothing might be different, because I was going horizontally instead of the typical verticle, but it went quite well.