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Acrobats and Contortioning – Trellis Design in a Kitchen

May 4, 2014

Digital Image

Digital ImageDigital ImageThis kitchen in the West University neighborhood of Houston has some very deep fur-downs (soffits), high up over the cabinets. They are VERY difficult to access, let along maneuver strips of wallpaper and tools.

In addition, the homeowner has chosen a geometric trellis pattern, which looks lovely in the room, but is a bugger to work with. The eye wants to see the same element of the pattern at the same height on the wall on every strip. But the face of the fur-down varies in height by 1/4″ around the room, and the bottom edge is not level, which causes the portion of wallpaper on the underside of the fur-down to twist and go off-kilter.

It is taking a lot of time and wrestling and patience and reaching, but, as you see in the other photos, I’m gettin’ ‘er done.

This kitchen used 14 single rolls of wallpaper, and took me three days to strip, prep, prime, and hang. The trellis design is in the Sure Strip line by York Wallcoverings, prepasted non-woven material made to strip off the wall easily when you’re ready to redecorate. I really love to work with this brand and this line.

Funny side note – This line is Sure Strip, made to come off easily. The paste I use is called Shur Stik, and meant to hold paper on the wall.

Spilt Paste

February 20, 2014

Digital ImageI’ve been grumbling that the lids on the Shur-Stik brand of wallpaper paste don’t snap on easily, so I usually have to leave mine sitting loosely on top. Yesterday, an idiot driver stopped suddenly for no reason, causing me to slam on the brakes. Everything in the back tumped over – tools, buckets.

When I opened the door (in my client’s driveway), this sight greeted me. It took about 30 minutes to clean up, thanks to my client letting me use his garden hose, and it ruined about half of a $50 bucket of paste, not to mention the dried paste trashing my carpet and the water and paste residue caught in that large crevice under the floor of the van.

New Paste to Experiment With!

October 8, 2013

Digital ImageWhile I was at the paperhangers’ convention in Reno last month, the salesman for Garner-Gibson, Jack Ford, tried very hard to interest me in his wallpaper paste. (I am currently using Roman’s pastes.).

He was so excited, he even pulled me out of a seminar so he and I could have a one-on-one discussion about his Shur-Stik products.

Jack was so intent on having me try his pastes, that he sent me – free – three 5-gallon buckets, three different varieties. This is about $200 bucks worth of paste, folks! Different papers, different surfaces, call for different adhesives. I am particularly interested in trying the 780.

I’m very grateful to Jack, and look forward to seeing how I like his paste!

Flaw of the Day – Specks in My Paste

August 9, 2013

Digital ImageI just opened a brand new 5-gallon bucket of Roman’s 838 wallpaper paste, and look what’s right on top… Little black specks.

You never know if these things are going to stain your wallpaper, so I always remove them. Luckily, they were on the top only, and didn’t permeate the paste.

When I used to use Gardner-Gibson Shur-Stik brand, there were lots of little hard things, or little red specs, frequently, and they went all the way through the bucket.