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New Trimming Tool

December 29, 2014

Digital Image

Digital Image
I use a single edged razor blade in a holder to trim wallpaper at the ceiling and floor, and for intricate cuts, I use a single edged razor blade just by itself. Sorry – no photo, but you can see one if you Search here (upper right) for “Crisis, Broken Tool.”

Most of my friends use holders with snap-off blades, though. Well, I got one for Christmas, at the Happy Hangers Holiday Party earlier this month. Here are front and back pics.

I was eager to try it out – but didn’t like it. I have to admit, the blade is SHARP. But it’s no easier to get into tight spots than my single edged blade. And, worse, this particular knife had some kind of spring mechanism that allowed the blade to slide back and forth as I was trying to cut. This was decidedly NOT a good thing.

OK, I gave it a shot. You other guys can keep your snap-off blade tools, and I’ll stick to my single edged razor trimmer. Maybe I’ll try another brand of the snap-off, but so far, I have not been impressed. Sliding blade. Another model I tried had so much grease on the blades I was afraid it would stain my wallpaper. And another one broke in half the very first time I tried to use it.

Yeah. My trusty single edged trimmer has served me well for decades – I think I’m gonna stick with it.